The Ontario Energy Report provides an up-to-date snapshot of Ontario’s energy sector.

Electricity Data
Third Quarter 2018

July – September 2018


Transmission Grid-connected Generation Output (Q3)
Nuclear 23.44 TWh 62.4%
Hydro 8.05 TWh 21.4%
Gas 4.05 TWh 10.8%
Wind 1.70 TWh 4.5%
Solar <1 TWh 0.5%
Biofuel <1 TWh 0.3%
Conservation Savings (Q3)
Net Peak Demand Savings 8 MW
Net Energy Savings 39 GWh


Ontario Grid-Connected Peak Demand (Q3)

23,240 MW

set September 5, 2018, 6:00 pm EST

Ontario Grid-Connected Peak Demand (for 2018)

23,240 MW

set in Q3 – September 5, 2018, 6:00 pm EST

Commodity Cost

Commodity Cost (Q3) – Class A (¢/kWh)
  Q3 YTD
Hourly Ontario Energy Price
(Unweighted average)
2.82 2.29
Global Adjustment
(Average, Class A)1
4.91 4.92
Total 7.73 7.21
Commodity Cost (Q3) – Class B (¢/kWh)
  Q3 YTD
Hourly Ontario Energy Price
(Weighted Average)
3.03 2.48
Global Adjustment
(Average, Class B)1
7.88 8.88
Total 10.91 11.36

1 Class A customers are large electricity consumers that pay Global Adjustment based on their proportion of energy use during the five hours of the year with the highest demand. All other customers are Class B.

Ontario’s Transmission Grid

Ontario's Power Grid map, View Full Map PDF

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