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Oil and Natural Gas Data
Fourth Quarter 2019

October - December 2019

Regular Gasoline and Diesel Provincial Average Retail Prices ($/L)

Average Costs

Regular Gasoline

1.17 $/L


1.24 $/L

Natural Gas Prices with Storage and Transportation Costs (¢/m3)

Enbridge Gas Inc. Union Gas (Union) South Zone 14.07¢
Enbridge Gas Distribution (EGD) Zone 15.86¢
EPCOR 14.90¢
Average Natural Gas Spot Price ($/GJ)
Dawn (ON) $2.80
Henry Hub (US) $2.99
AECO (AB) $2.33

Ontario Natural Gas Storage Level
(at quarter end)

304.6 PJ

(closing inventories, December 2019)

Natural Gas Transmission Infrastructure

Natural Gas Transmission Infrastructure map

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